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They run ads on the internet for free samples of face and eye cream. There is no mention that if you want these they will charge your credit card $94 approx a month within 14 days. If you go to cancel, they will ding you $38 and $32 for the two products. Today they have dinged my bank account for 4.95 twice, 5.95 twice and 32.71 and they are still at it. I canceled receiving their samples within 10 minutes of ordering them and received their cancellation notice but they said too bad I have to take them and review them. What a scam. It seems they erase any negative comments on their site, so you never get the truth of peoples experiences. I cannot believe a company can force people into taking their crappy products even if you do not want them and forcing you to pay for them by charging your card without your authorization. I did not authorize any of this. And

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I made an order from this company. I ordered an MacBook Pro (one (1) item). I send them the money, and after three hours, they emailed me back saying me that they shipped the parcel, but inside there four (4) MacBook Pro’s. I should pay for an extra one immediately to get the delivery on time. The other two should be paid after two weeks. They have not send me the tracking number by then. After two days of emailing, they send the tracking number but the company was not DHL (as they said before the shipment) but was When I said to cancel the order and requested a full refund, they of course denied to sent the money. From that moment, they started black mailing me for one and a half weeks.. I demand Full Money Back. Stay away

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Chicago Tribune Complaint

An elderly relative purchased a subscription to the chicago tribune. The bills would list a “pay through” date. When the subsequent bill was received, the beginning date would be before the “pay through” date, e.G., she would pay through august 1, but the next bill would cover july 15 through september 30. When she wrote to cancel, the service representative would send a response e-mail that said they were sorry to see her go, but that they would continue service until they heard from her again. She wrote to cancel three times and had paid all the bills. The newspapers continued to come. Two months later, she received a bill for $7.00. Go figure. Also the tribune sent collections after her. Worse yet, her dead sister (at a different address) used to have a tribune account years ago. The dead sister suddenly began receiving bills for a non-existent paper delivery. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to pay. Also, there is no tribune in heaven. Only in h*ll.

This review (Chicago Tribune Com

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Users at Gripeo are currently investigating allegations made against CONRAD WIENGES SANDERS – CAMBRIDGE INVESTMENT RESEARCH, INC., AUGUSTA , GA.. This webpage will, therefore, assist in consolidating all information with which you can draw logical and valid inferences and conclusions. If you have lost money with CONRAD WIENGES SANDERS, we invite and encourage you to share your story and experience by posting a comment or contact the author(s) directly.

The subject of this investigation


Scope of Investigation

We help our users to pursue FINRA arbitration claims nationwide on behalf of investors and victims, to recover financial losses arising out of wrongful conduct by financial advisors and brokerage firms. The information on is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this sit

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Calling me telling me that my computer was hacked


My Complaint: The above company called me and told me that there was a lot of email being sent from my account and that I was hacked. They cleaned my computer and cleared many viruses. No one had said anything about my e mail being fraudulent. Last time I had my computer guy here he said ‘no viruses.
I believed the guy on the phone and paid $125.00 for the service. Now they keep calling asking if I need more help. Finally I asked that they not call anymore. A friend told me it’s a scam, but I don’t know how to check it out. Can you help?


My Demand: Is this a scam?

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Which Transporter, Inc Review

I wanted to warn everyone if this website so that as consumers you do not get scammed by companies that are not credible. THE BEST AND MOST CREDIBLE REVIEW SITE IS WWW.TRANSPORTREVIEWS.COM. I got a email from John at informing me of his new review site for auto transporters so i thought i would give it a try. Once i had a issue with loging in i contacted the website so that they can assist me to login. Their responce was “YOUR NOT A SITE SUPPORTER THEREFORE YOU DO NOT GET ANY HELP”. In other words pay us and we will help you???. Also all of our companies reviews where removed and John at claimed they had a BUG in the system and he told me to write FAKE REVIEWS in return for my REAL REVIEWS getting removed. I wanted to war

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