Gordon Wollman Hurled racist slurs at me in a meeting
Gordon Wollman of Cornerstone Financial Solutions is a hateful racist. He made multiple racist comments on me while I was there and I had to leave that company when I realised no one would do anything about it. 
Gordon is the CEO and Founder of Cornerstone Financial Solutions and because of his position, no one dares to disagree with him. Even when he made hurtful racist comments on me, no person in that organization did anything. Everyone just started acting as if nothing had happened. I complained to the HR of Cornerstone Financial Solutions but no one did anything. They just ignored my complaint and recommended me to take a leave of some days. 
I used to work under Gordon but I left after Gordon made racist comments on me during a meeting. I could not work with a bigot who is filled with hatred towards certain sections of society. For months, I hav

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Gordon Wollman