A & B Luxury Motors A & B Luxury Auto Atef Hannah Beshoy Hannah Terrible Service Scam Ripoff Bad Cars Title Problems Craigslist Beware Buford Georgia!!. Buyers Beware — this dealer advertises cars on Craigslist and provides a cell phone number for you to text him at. He makes it seem like he is a private seller, but he is in fact a very shady used car dealer. The company A & B Luxury Motors has several different addresses — the address on my bill of sale was different from the address on my car title. They have no way to get in contact with them other than this one person’s cell phone number. No website, no business phone. These are all red flags. I was dumb enough to purchase a vehicle from these people before I realized all of the these problems. They sold me a car that is complete junk. I took it in to get inspected and found thousands of dollars worth of repairs — more than the car is worth. This is my fault since I purchased the vehicle “as is”, but it was grossly misrepresented on their ad. After I purchased the vehicle, they said they would mail the title within two days. I called them to check in on it when I hadn’t received it a week later, and this is when their stories and excuses started coming from every direction. First they claimed the person who needed to sign the title was in North Carolina. Then they claimed he was in Egypt and said he would be gone for 10 days. I even drove back to the delaer to try and get it in person. There was a young man there who claimed he couldn’t do anything about it because his brother and his dad were in charge but neither of them were there. I continued to call and text for several weeks, trying to get information and obtain the car title. They hung up on me several times and completely ignored my texts. The few times that I did get through to them, they were mean and defensive and showed no signs of professionalism or that they even cared about the reputation of their business. I got a ticket for having an expired registration because they took so long to get the title to me. In addition, when I went to register the car, I was hit with late registration fees that I was forced to pay because they wouldn’t complete their end of the deal. The DOR office told me I could get the dealer to pay me back for those fees, but that is not happening since it’s impossible to communicate with them. Summary: this is a shady dealer who sells bad cars and has no customer service. They are in the business of ripping people off and they don’t care about their customers. DO NOT BUY from this dealer.

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