Action Auto Wreckers Phil Schaffer (Owner) We purchased an Engine from this company and needs $6,000 worth of repairs Massapequa New York!!. I recently purchased a $4500 Diesel Engine from this company which was the worst decision i have made in all of my years in business. I paid $4000 to have the engine put in to my truck by a certified technician. When i received the engine back there were multiple issues including gray smoke from the exhaust and oil leaks. I had called and spoke with JR about these issues. He instructed me call him back when i had a diagnosis. I brought the truck to the International Dealer where I was told there were serious issues including an Oil Leak at the oil pump,mass amounts of rust inside the engine caused by the previous owner not maintaining the coolant system, and cylinder #2 had liner cavitation causing excess pressure in the cooling system also stressing the head gasket. The necessary repairs would cost 6k to bring the engine back to where it should have been before it was sold to me. After speaking with the owner of Action Auto wreckers “Phil Schaffer” he offered to fix the engine if i brought it to him but i would have to pay the 4k to have it put back in. I asked Why wouldn’t you just pay the dealer to fix the engine so I am not out any more money. I am an honest hardworking individual that would never ask for anything i was not entitled to. All i want is the truck that i use to earn a living repaired at the cost of those whom sold it to me. This company offered to do what was in their best interest not of the interest of their clients. This issue is going to jeopardize my business significantly so i would urge you to think twice before you trust JR and Phil with your hard earned money.

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