AutoZone AutoZone profiling Lubbock Texas!!. A few months ago my fiance’s new car started making a strange clanking sound underneath the trunk. We pulled into an autozone and he asked with some assistance to figure out what the problem was. My fiance looks unconventional. He has long hair, wears nothing but black and is constantly decorated with pentacles. These are a symbol of his religion. Along with help from the employee that was working at the time, the store had lent him some tools so he could change the part right then and there. The employee helping was very friendly, but the manager watched us like a hawk. He was obviously offended by my fiance’s appearance He constantly walked back and forth by the window watching us as if we were going to rob the place. My fiance popped the trunk and set the tools down as he and the autozone employee worked at removing the car jack that was screwed into the trunk. After they were unable to remove the jack, my fiance decided t

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