Bradley B Nyantoro Bradley B Nyandoro Hardwell Chironda Farisanani Business Enterprise Bradley Leeuw Bolton Nyandoro We had a signed lease agreement with them to rent a truck. We deposited the rental money as per the agreement but they took our money and never gave us the truck.This was in 2016. Johannesburg Gauteng!!. We had a signed lease agreement with them to rent a Volvo truck. We paid them R30 000 as per the lease agreement. They confirmed receipt of the money. When the time came for them to give us the truck they started giving us excuses as to why they can’t release the truck. We asked for our money back but they have just been sending us from pillar to post and telling us lies since 2016. They have not paid us back anything and obviously the value has now depreciated. Being a startup company , this has greatly affected our business , image and relationships we had built in getting the company off the ground. These are deceitful conniving individuals who think they are above the law and continue to room freely and reap off small businesses.

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