cell phone number was given out even though it’s on the do not call list. Called company, spoke with a evan employee #31390, then spoke with michelle, employee #50350, told me it was an e company and I had to go to the website and it would direct me to follow a complaint. Went to website, with employee 50350 on phone, and the website told me to call the number I was already talking too!!! Then, I was told by Michelle, #50350, that I would have to WRITE a letter to the E company explaining the complaint. Even though it is an E company, they do not have an e-mail address, or even a phone number to the main office in California. Michelle said she has given me the do not call list number, however, I had clearly stated that I am already on it and that is why I’m complaininmg to the company, because they are breaking the law, subject to hefty fines. So empoloyee #50350, felt she was helping me by giving me the do not call number, but she actually did not help in anyway, because I already am on it. The company has no one to speak with about the complaint of cell phone harassment, they could not even give a number to the company, or even who the president of the company is. I spoke with Michelle, somewhere in the midwest, she said she was not authorized to give me the location!!! DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER!!!

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