Paul Lasha is a native of Yakima Washington. He also has a last name of Catron that he used to use, as that is the last name of his biologic family. He is adopted. He is on permanent disability through Washington State. I was married to Paul for two years. 2008 to 2009. This post is not about that, just to say that he can be very charming, and can do “all the right things” – and say all the right things. Because sometimes he is “spot on” and does exactly what he says, you may get sucked in. If you are a woman, watch out. ? I loaned Paul several thousand dollars a couple years after our divorce, in order for him to start a business doing windshield repair. You will always feel sorry for him, especially if you are a person of Faith, which I am. He signed a promissory note, but never made any payments. He stated he never made enough money to make payments, and was constantly having vehicle troubles. He relied on his vehicle(s) beclause he lives in them. I did not push Paul to pay back the loan. I also suspected then, as I do now, that he has an alcohol problem. I also suspected it when we were married, but could never prove it. He does drink. He does drink and mix medications. How much is only known to Paul. At one time he was on several psychiatric meds, and you feel sorry for him. I still do. He successfully came and did repairs to a house I was living in, in California. He did complain a lot, and has a very “narrow” ability to work. Everything needs to line up for him to work, because he has a lot of genuine ailments, and perhaps a few psychosocial ones. He did exactly what he said he would do. I note NOW, in retrospect, that he did it because I held monies until the end. Paul came to Texas recently to work on a house for me that was known by him to be a “complete rehab.” He wanted to do it. I asked him if he was up for it. He stated he absolutely was. I offered him 6,000 for three months work, and if he stayed beyond three months, I would cancel the debt he owed me, and provide a bonus if we made any money. I would have done all these things, but he left. Paul earned less than 2,000 and asked me to forward him money to buy a vehicle. I did this. The house was difficult and we had a couple false starts, and his “nerves” started bothering him. He started having an irregular heart beat,k went to a medical center, where they appropriately advised him to go home to Washington to get healthcare, because he is on welfare in Washington. Paul knew that they would tell him to go home, and he packed up and went home late at night without discussing the money owed. He wrote a long email about how sad his condition was and how nervous he was to stay, even to the point “I packed so fast I didn’t even know what happened.” Of course he did this at night and left so he didn’t have to face me asking if he was going to pay back the money. Since that time, he has refused, saying he will not comply with anything I asked, including $200 a month, which is what the car payment would have been with the money he stole. I believe that he is an alcoholic. He wanted to stay in the dirty house so that “he didn’t have to drive” and I believe, but cannot prove, this was so that he could drink at night, take his sleep medications, and pass out. Years of doing this have taken its toll on him, and I now believe he could have some decline due to medications and /or alcohol. He mentioned several times over the years that he has continue his online dating, sometimes posting “No money, no job, no house” and he has had a few relationships, and may be taking money (and love) from women he has no intention of staying with. He wants to be a loner and live in the wilderness, so if you are considering a relationship with him, be aware that he will not stay. Do not give him money in advance, but he may work for you or be a companion to you if you pay him as you go along. He has a blonde ponytail and is very good looking to most women, looks a little like Fabio. Which he uses. Bottom line if you got this far…he needs help. Don’t further his cause. I am taking him to small claims only to try to stop him from using others and destroying relationships. I feel sorry for him and would like to see him get some help. .

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