I was looking for jobs on Linked-In and sent a resume to this company. They hired me right away with no experience necessary. 1st, they said, I would be on trial for 4 months and get paid $25 a package through paypal. After the 4 months was up they said I would get paid $2000 a month plus $25 per package I shipped. What they wanted to do was send "prepaid" packages to my house and I would have to put new labels on the boxes and break up boxes into smaller ones and then ship them via UPS to the actual customer’s address. I was to be assigned to ship out cell phones in particular. The HR manager, John Tolbert, I spoke to claims it’s a package forwarding website that’s international and trying to get around tariffs with this. The website says that people can buy discounted items from many stores and then get packages consolidated and shipped in one box to their house. After filling out my hiring paperwork, the guy on the phone lied and said I wouldn’t start receiving packages for another 2 weeks, but sent one anyway. To make matters worse, the package came to my house but my name wasn’t on it, so I thought it was a typo and we got a neighbor’s mail. We then brought it to UPS to Return-To-Sender. I talked to my boss and said he would change how packages are delivered which doesn’t make sense if they are a large well established company that’s been around for 15 years like the website claims. Now the guy has my social security number from the hiring paperwork, and I found an article on reshipping scams that can make you an accomplice of ID theft yourself. This company fits that description to a T.