Complaint Description: Failure to return $1, 300 deposit for services not rendered This complaint is against Wildwood Acres of Lafayette, CA. We gave them a $1, 300 deposit toward an Oct 25th (2015) wedding date back in December 2014. By February 2015 we changed our minds and decided not to have a wedding and eloped instead. With that much advanced notice we requested a refund of our deposit. They refused, saying they would only refund the money if they rebooked. We followed up several times and they claim they never rebooked, so now the date has come and gone and they are not refunding. While the notion of not refunding a deposit on a short notice cancellation makes sense, 9 month”s notice is plenty of time to advertise and get another party booked for the date. We believe the merchant opportunistically kept our money and is completely unreasonable. Our desired Resolution: We want this business to refund our $1, 300 deposit in full.

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