Robert Bordett is the Worst Person to Hire for Mediation! Delays the Process to Create a Huge Invoice
We had hired Robert Bordett to be the mediator for our divorce proceedings. 
Robert is also popular as Bob. When we had hired him we expected him to do a good job. I have mentioned the credentials Robert has so you can see why we thought he would be a good fit. 
Robert (Bob) Bordett is a financial advisor and a certified divorce financial analyst, also known as CDFA. Bob is also the senior VP of Consolidated Planning Corporation, an investment advisory company based in Atlanta. Apart from the CDFA certification, Bob also has CFP certification, which stands for Certified Financial Planner. He has a degree in marketing and has many years of experience. His office is in 400 Colony Sq. Suite 525, Atlanta, GA 30361. 
Even though he looks like a person with powerful credentials and experience, Robert is the comp

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