Don Saulic of the Bahnsen Group is a Bigot!!
I had hired Don to handle my family’s finances some time ago. He worked with me for a few months and everything seemed fine until he met my family. My daughter is married to a black man and Don couldn’t digest this fact. He got so agitated by this fact that he refused to work with me and my company. I had to fire the guy because he was intolerant and said racist remarks for my son-in-law.
Don hates minorities and he is a bigot. He doesn’t respect other people and he particularly doesn’t respect minorities. He had made such racist remarks for my son-in-law that I couldn’t tolerate his behaviour too. 
You can only act decent as long as the other person remains decent too. When someone starts using berating terms for a person close to you, wouldn’t you react aggressively? He was lucky I only got rid of his services and didn’t do anything else. 
The person

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