Dylan Sigley- 2020’s Another Nightmare
Dylan Sigley is a dropservicing guru with a convincing story that can fool even the most cruel skeptics. On his Quora profile, he claims that he grew up broke, while working on his mother’s farm house (he likes to call it a house on a farm for sympathy points). He graduated in the hopes that he would get a job and will live a good life. However, he suddenly realized that he did not want an average life like you and me, he wanted something more. Before you think he became an entreprenuer and worked his @ss off, don’t get your hopes up, because he became something much worse, a self-help guru.
What I think really happend was, Dylan had a $hit GPA, because the guy didn’t put in real work into his studies. And he actually didn’t just “suddenly realized” he didn’t want a job, he actually couldn’t ever get one. Well, let’s continue on with Dylan&

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