Sergey Mavrodi is one of the most shameless scammers I have experienced in recent years.  He has run the MMM scam over and over again. Now, in just a few days, the Mavro Cryptocurrency is being launched.
MAVRO is the flagship solution with a decentralized and absolutely transparent platform for Multi Level Marketing structures. This solution is based on Blockchain Ethereum, which is almost impossible to destroy.Mavro is an Organization created to provide a decentralized technology solution for MLM payment processing and support the MLM users and businesses through transparency and a public ledger. The open and decentralized MLM platform will include an API and wallet which are going to change the entire MLM industry worldwide. The innovation of smart contracts will power the bounty system making it transparent and decentralized as well. All of these features will become powerful replacements to the current market solutions.The revolution for

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