Fraud expert making millions
If you are a Tai Lopez fanboy then I would advise you click away right now, because I wonít be sugar coating anything. I believe in speaking the truth and reveal the truth for my readers so they donít get scammed. Now that itís out of the way, letís talk about the man himself.
Tai Lopez is a controversial figure in the internet entrepreneur arena. He has done countless shady activities to earn the $$ he has today. But heís not as smart as some of the other scammers of the industry like Neil Patel so his tracks are easy to uncover.
He hasnít changed with the time and Taiís recent businesses are just as fishy as the ones he started out with.
Is Tai Lopez trustworthy?
To find that out, we have been investigating him for the past 90 days and in this post, we will uncover our findings.
Who is Tai Lopez?

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