I used this attorney in a civil case at my expense of over $30,000.  LOTS of problems with him:

#1. He lied to me regularly about what he did and was doing for my case regarding his legal work.
#2. He billed me (a lot too) for work he never did.
#3. He went to court totally unprepared and more than once also – to include once when he never bothered to show up – actually he never seemed to show up on time and always blamed it on “Nashville traffic.”
#4. It took him literally weeks to answer emails although he worked out of his home – resulting in me never knowing what was going on in the case much less what the other side was doing.

I tried to figure out how the h— he still can have a law license in Tennessee?  So I Googled him and guess what?  His father is Telford Forgety – a sitting Tennessee judge since 1997.  Wish I would have known

View the Fraud Report for TN Attorney William Shea Forgety – VERY BAD!!! Don’t

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